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Explore downtown to search for the red door and find Chicago’s most talked about secret restaurant. Enjoy a one-of-a-kind dining experience perfect for the family or a friends night out. Let Marcus Rewards showcase the best that Chicago has to offer.

SafeHouse Chicago
SafeHouse Chicago logo

The #1 spy-themed bar & restaurant in River North, Chicago (just a hop, skip, and escape route away from Magnificent Mile), SafeHouse Chicago welcomes guests of all ages to experience the world of espionage. Your mission begins when you pass the ultimate test: locating the Red Door. Once you have located our top-secret bar and restaurant, be prepared to prove how covert you can be by whispering the secret password to Ms. Moneypenny. If you can’t provide us with the correct password, you will need to pass our fun clearance test to prove you are not a double agent. Never fear, once inside you will enjoy all the perks of being a secret agent at the most interesting restaurant in downtown Chicago.  

Phone Number: 312.313.1007

Address: 60 E. Ontario St. Chicago, Illinois 60611