Marcus Rewards Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will my points carry over to the new Marcus Rewards program with Fivestars?

A: Yes. The new program uses the Member’s cell number as their Marcus Rewards account number. All Members will be able to actively join the new program by texting to join, signing up through one of the tablets in all participating locations, or by having our staff sign them up. Once the Member is signed up to the new program through Fivestars, if the phone number they used to sign up matches the phone number that was listed on their old Marcus Rewards account, the points should transfer to the new account. For assistance with any issues you may experience, please contact our Marcus Rewards Support Team through Contact Us or email us at

Q: I have a $25 Marcus Rewards loyalty certificate, is it still valid?

A: Yes, we will honor loyalty certificates until the expiration date, listed on the certificate. Reward loyalty certificates expire 1 year after the issue date.

Q: How do I check my points with Marcus Rewards?

A: Marcus Rewards members can go to and click on the "My Account" button to log in to their account, use the Fivestars mobile applications, or view account details at any of our 30 participating locations. 

Q: I joined Marcus Rewards, but I don’t seem to be receiving any text notifications about my rewards earned, special offers, or any other promotions.

A: Members change their notification settings by logging into their account, clicking “Edit Profile”, and then clicking “Notification Presences”. Also, some cell phone providers can block these communications and you will have to opt-in to these communications. To do so, text ON to 578277, and also text UNSTOP to each of the 4 long code numbers since we don't know where they get SMS from: 877-578-2799, 844-578-2778, 833-719-7827, or 833-659-7827. 

Q: Where can I earn and redeem points?

A: Marcus Reward points can be earned and redeemed at any of the 30 participating. To view all locations, please visit Locations.

Q: How do I delete my Marcus Rewards account?

A: Members can email our Marcus Rewards Support Team at to delete their account.

Q: Do my points expire?

A: Yes, Marcus Reward points expire after 2 years of no-account activity.

Q: Will I get points on my birthday?

A: All qualifying purchases at participating Marcus Rewards location will receive points. Members who complete their profiles by providing a birth date will receive a special birthday reward to celebrate with a free dessert.

Q: Can I receive points for transactions prior to my enrollment?

A: Yes, Members can earn points for transactions up to 30 days prior to enrollment with a valid receipt from the transaction. These adjustments must be made through Marcus Rewards Customer Care Team by submitting a request to Contact Us or email at

Q:  Can I earn points when redeeming Rewards dollars and/or using other discounts? 

A:  Points are issued ONLY on the purchase value after discounts and coupons have been applied.

Q:  Can employees and Family members participate?

A: No, Associates and Family members of associates cannot enroll in Marcus Rewards and earn points on purchases that received an associate discount.

Q:  Are all Marcus Hotels & Resorts’ outlets participating in Marcus Rewards?

A:  No, a list of participating locations can be found at and by clicking on “Locations”.

Q:  Oops I forgot my card

A:  No worries. All you need to remember is your cell phone number.

Q:  Can I receive points on the purchase retail merchandise?

A:  No, retail merchandise is not eligible to receive points at any location.

Q:  Can gratuity and/or tax be paid with loyalty certificates or Reward dollars?

A:  No, Marcus Rewards loyalty certificate and/or Reward dollars cannot be used towards the payment of tax and/or gratuity on any purchase.

Q: Are Private Dining events eligible to earn points?

A: Yes, but the contract and payment must be done by a Marcus Rewards member, and a maximum of 5,000 points can be earned per dining event.

Q:  Can I earn points on the purchase of a Marcus Gift card?

A:  No, Reward points are only earned when the gift card is redeemed on qualified purchases at participating location. Not on the purchase of a gift card.

Q:  Can I redeem my Marcus Rewards loyalty certificate and/or Reward dollars multiple times?

A:  No, Marcus Rewards loyalty certificates and/or Reward dollars can only to be used once and are redeemed for the entire value, even if the check total is less than the value of the redemption. There is no way to issue the remaining balance of dollars or points. 

Q: Do I have to use a smartphone to access Marcus Rewards?

A: No, members don’t need a smartphone to use the new rewards program under the Fivestars platform. Members can use a home landline as the phone number associated with your account. A phone number is required as this is used as the member's account number. Members can access their account information by using the login terminals at all participating locations or via the website.

Q: Could I have two or more numbers associated with one Marcus Rewards account for my family or household to have one account?

A: No, the phone number listed on the account is used as the Marcus Rewards account number. Only one phone number can be associated with one account. Members can share accounts by giving the same phone number when checking out at any participating location to earn points on qualified purchases.